Jake Worthington - Hell of a Highway
“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life”. This is what Jack Kerouac wrote in his novel, ultimately conferring the status of myth to the many roads of the Big Country. Roads, highways, and indeed music, an everlasting bond, present in hundreds of songs, featured in many albums, including this “Hell Of A Highway” by Jake Worthington. This is actually an EP because there are only five tracks, but it’s enough to glimpse into the musical world of this musician, from La Porte, TX. with an enormous potential. Sprung into the limelight for having participated in a Tv talent show, (perhaps now the only … ..road a young musician has to make himself known to the public), Jake has idolised the musical revolution of the neo-traditionalists, which has become the way his arrangements have evolved in his songs, along with how he interprets them. The road, a metaphor for life, is mentioned in his more emotional songs, beginning with the title track “Hell Of A Highway” but also “A Lot Of Room to Talk” and “Big Time Lonesome”. Needless to say, Jake has a beautiful voice, very country, which he regulates and controls majestically, showing a remarkable artistic maturity for a 21 year old. Too bad there are only five songs, but we are confident that Jake Worthington will soon release a complete album. “A fast car, the far horizon and a woman to love at the end of the road”. This is what Jack Kerouac wrote in his famous novel.(Gianluca Sitta)