11062940_841454245934892_960947488435616399_nThanks to the project USO tour, the young superstar of the American country music scene, Hunter Hayes, held a concert on May 19th, 2015 at Camp Ederle in Vicenza, Italy. In a very relaxed atmosphere, as you would experience at any musical event, the young singer / songwriter (born in 1991) played for nearly two hours, giving the audience the best of his repertoire. Perfect organization in every point of view, wonderful sound as ever, as when American artists are on stage, and a very relaxed atmosphere with lots of people lying down on the grass, just as you would see at picnics, made this event a moment of great celebration, which really impressed everyone. Quick soundcheck at 17.30, and then promptly at 18.30 the singer from Breaux Bridge (LA), appeared on stage, set up in the middle of the football field, along with his band, composed of Matt Utterback (bass), Devin Malone (guitar), Steve Sinatra (drums and former drummer of Little Big Town), Sam Ellis (piano) and Andy Sheridan (guitar), who will accompany him even during the upcoming tour (22, 23 and 25 May) in the UK. As I was saying all the great hits of the past were played, from “I Want Crazy”, “Tattoo” and “Storm Warning”. “Invisible” was very intense, a song that Hunter Hayes also played, enjoying great success at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.11329849_841453599268290_6718931087333060939_nThe live version of “Wanted” was also full of emotions. The RIAA awarded this song the gold disc in 2011. Despite having won the Country Music Association Award for New Artist Of The Year in 2012, the music of Hunter Hayes cannot really be defined as country. There is no steel guitar nor fiddle and the mandolin is heard very briefly. It is a nice modern pop-oriented country sound, perfectly in line with the times, and aimed at a very young audience. Impeccable from an artistic point of view, HH was really good, and after a a bit of a muffled start, he proved to be a great musician, precise in the guitar riffs, and his voice was well set.
11165330_841455752601408_5405921620529786121_nGreat musician, but also a nice guy and always available, as seen by the one and a half hours spent amongst fans, mostly youngsters taking Selfies and signing autographs, all this after having played for nearly two hours. Two albums recorded; (“Hunter Hays” from 2011 and “Storyline” from 2014) and several million Cd’s sold, makes him one of the most important musicians of the music industry made in Nashville, which is now more country pop than ever, as heard on American radio. Times have changed. (Gianluca Sitta)