12038296_892686750826522_8538693802338302312_nThere are many suitors, but there is only one real king. The king, fortunately enough, has returned, with an extraordinary album and a series of concerts in Las Vegas, scheduled for 2016, which will certainly be all sold out. It’s true, the king had announced his retirement from live shows just a year ago, and it was done with a mega concert from the capital of his kingdom, the Big D, that had crowned him King of Texas many years ago. But no one wanted, or could believe it because, after all, what would the world of country music be like without George Strait concerts? The king could not stay hidden away for long, away from the music scene and above all from his fans, and with this new Cd entitled “Cold Beer Conversation”, he has returned as a conqueror. George Strait, singer of good feelings, of loyalty, he, who more than anyone embodies the soul of a musical genre, country, which is basically “the poetry of the American Spirit,” is back and everybody must bow. Coherent beyond belief with his philosophy of life and with his musical credo, George Strait, once again presents us with a Cd, flawless in every aspect. 13 beautiful songs, between western swing, country, new traditional and sentimental ballads, all about Texas (one of the great passions of his life), love stories, good and bad, and cold beer. His voice, regardless of the passing years (born in 1952) and of the seasons, is always fresh and modern, and his spirit is still young as when he started out. Few people know that George Strait, as well as being the king of Texas, when it comes to music, is also a serious professor. Perhaps he could come over here and give us a lecture about what country music is really about. (Gianluca Sitta)