Italian Text

First solo album for Fabio Gualerzi, singer / songwriter from the Emilia region of Italy, who has already received critical acclaim for his previous CD recorded with Statale 9, entitled Qualcosa Di Forte. The new album, simply called Fabio Gualerzi, complies fully with the style of music which this magazine is dedicated to, because, listening to the eleven tracks, one perceives the country music influence, in particular the Texan one (Rodney Hayden, Jason Boland, Cody Canada , Stoney LaRue and Cory Morrow above all), in the cultural background of this musician. Everything is well played, along with a beautiful voice and mixed with that typical feeling Emilian singer-songwriters give us, capable of evoking, just as the earth from which they come, deep and sincere emotions. Years of live experience, both at home and abroad, have refined his style, and the tracks appear solid and well structured, starting from “Credi Nel Destino” continuing with “ L’Assassino Dei Sogni” , “Notte”, “Bianco o Nero, to finish with “Il Suo Tempo”. I would like to emphasize that in recent years Fabio has been the opening act for many famous people like Michael McDermott, Two Cows Garage and Rod Picott. A CD you must buy (go to iTunes) if you love the sounds of American country oriented music