6th+Annual+ACM+Honors+Red+Carpet+c2jnZMgFcFklTo mark the occasion for the upcoming “Billy Bob’s Texas Country Fair” to be held in Padua in late January 2016, Gianluca Sitta has an exclusive interview with Concho Minick, owner of Billy Bob’s

Q. Billy Bob’s Texas Country Fair in Italy, a nice surprise. Why has Billy Bob’s, one of the most famous trademarks, linked not only to Texas, but also to country music, especially live, decided to embark here on this European adventure? And why with an Italian partner? A.For Decades Billy Bob’s Texas has built fans around the world by presenting the best entertainment in an authentic Western setting. But it has always been much more than just music for us. All of the peripheral elements of Texas culture are present at Billy Bob’s – bull riding, barbeque, dancing, cowboys. We love what we do here and we want to strengthen our message worldwide. The fair embodies many aspects of the culture we represent. It seemed like a natural fit to be involved.There is something about the Italians that seems to fit our mission. There seems to be a certain boldness, a passion, an understanding of what it means to be a cowboy. Something ties Texas and Italy together and it’s not just Sergio Leones’ movies. When Italians are at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth and when we are in Italy with our friends it simply feels like there is a connection. That is enough for us.
billybobslogoQ. In addition to being a trademark, which is undoubtedly a guarantee, what important role will Billy Bob’s have in this Italian event? A.Billy Bob’s Texas is supporting the organization and promotion of this event. Not only are we promoting it here in Texas and encouraging our patrons to travel to Padua, but we are gladly sharing our insight from running many events like the fair. Our senior team, including myself, will also be at the event sharing our vision of what it means to Honky Tonk. We can’t let you have such a good time without us!

Q. For someone like you who lives with country music on a daily basis, could you tell us what your thoughts are about this passion the European have for country music and for the country lifestyle in general?
A.I think the connection is different for each person. In general though, it seems like the wide-open, rugged, simplicity of the West is a very positive concept for people. There is broad appeal in the idea that one person with nothing more than a set of values, determination, and a dream can accomplish anything. So this music we call country is not only entertaining but it embodies these ideas and lifestyle. I believe this is why it is the fastest growing genre of music, because it is so much more than just the music.

Q. What are you expecting from this Billy Bob’s Texas Country Fair which is to be held in Padua, and what are your future projects, which will involve Billy Bob’s here in Europe?
A.Billy Bob’s is hoping to help ignite even more interest in country though the fair that will spread across Italy and Europe. Going forward we are committed to presenting more live music events and festivals. The intent is to eventually find the right place to build a permanent home for a brick and mortar Billy Bob’s Texas in Europe.(Gianluca Sitta)