After having conquered the seven seas with her highly acclaimed album “Buried Treasure”, the jewel from Georgia is at it again and kicks it up a notch with her newest offering “Ready”. From the rough and rowdy beach parties of her previous album, here we find a more relaxed, romantic and at times more vulnerable woman. The 5 songs that make up “Ready” see Erica bearing her soul and feelings to the listener, from the reflective “Change The World” and “Don’t Change My Mind” to more heartstring tugging numbers like “Goodnight Kiss”, our gal also unapologetically shows her sexier side with “Groove At It” , a song that would impress even Marvin Gaye. In short “Ready” delivers a perfect chillaxing interlude for those balmy nights made up of low burning candles and soft sweet scents, a must have for anybody in search of music with true feeling. (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)