So like all great trilogies, be it Batman, Lord Of The Rings or Indiana Jones we come to the closing chapter, in this case musically with Erica Sunshine Lee’s Ep “Fire”. We call it a trilogy as the two preceding titles had been “Ready” and “Aim” respectively. In the fashion of any great trilogy, our Georgia girl brings together all the threads laid bare in the previous aforementioned Eps with an addition of zest, pep and energy. Case in point “Heat Wave” is reminiscent of what we had heard in “Ready” with that laidback more relaxed attitude, while “Boomerang” takes us back to the intimate and vulnerable Erica we had met in “Aim”, a particular mention for the lyrics to the latter, scathing as they are beautiful proving once again our songwriter’s strength in giving her listeners believable and a strong lyrics in a music world sometimes too populated with sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. So we come to the true meat of this latest offering, where Erica truly brings the heat in a tryphecta of terrific tunes. “Bullets” is snarky and sexy is all out doors, with Erica’s voice slithering and sliding all over the track like the lithe and alluring figure of an exotic dancer which just screams sassiness. We then come to our two favourites on the EP, “Bad Bitch” and “Chainsmoker”. The former is Erica at her most aggressive and badass, an instant hit for a Friday night no holes barred party;while the latter with its funky groove and rhythm will just have you swaying like nobody’s business. Yet another great chapter in the Erica Sunshine Lee saga, we cannot wait for more! (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)