After having revitalized the country music world at large with her album “Elixir”, Georgia’s own Erica Sunshine Lee is at it again with her latest offering “Buried Treasure”, and take it from us when we say that you will have quite the bountiful booty in your hands with this one. We are instantly invited on board with the sassy “Spring Break-Up”, where Erica plays agony aunt giving advice on how to make that old good for nothing walk the plank. Your ears will next be delighted by the tongue in cheek “I’m A Pirate” , this number, together with “Mojitos” , clearly draw inspiration from the singer’s time in the Florida keys, where tropical rhythms, the flow of alcohol and an all around good time abound and will leave you wanting to get on the first plane to that fabled island in the sun. Erica also shows her more vulnerable and soulful side on this record with songs like “I Do” and “Love At 100 Degrees”, not to mention “Chase The Night” which all remind us of how precious the gift of love can be. No Erica Sunshine Lee album would be complete without those songs that just make you want to roll your windows down and turn the knob to eleven as you cruise down the highway, and songs like “You’ve Got Me” , “Redneck Riviera” and “Like A Record” will do just that, try blasting those from your speakers! All in all, this new album of Erica’s exudes summer in all its glory, from late night parties, to those summer romances that fade away with the dawn to just sinking your toes in the sand and relaxing with your nearest and dearest. Whether you are wrapping up warmly, looking forward to the sun to show itself or find yourself in a place eternally kissed by its rays, this album will whisk you away with its goodtime feel, solid songwriting and vivacious vocals that only a girl who has lived it and got the t-shirt can provide.( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)