Seeing the title of her previous Ep, “Ready” , we are going to take an educated guess and say that prolific artist Erica Sunshine Lee’s latest offering is the second chapter of a possible musical trilogy. In the style of all great sequels, “Aim” carries on where its predecessor left off, we find the Georgia gypsy with yet another beautiful, sentimental opus, whose vocals caress the ears like a gentle lover. From its opener “Nobody Wins In Vegas”, a cynical and melancholy number where Erica shows off her talents as a storyteller, to the sexy, sassy up tempo closer, “Think Again”, our heroine runs the gamut of the human condition. Erica takes full advantage of the 6 tracks contained within this Ep to give the listener down to earth relatable musical experiences, which will no doubt become crowd pleasers on stage during one of those late Nashville nights. “Aim” represents the aches and pains of sentimental misadventures to the devil may care independence we have all experienced at some stage in our lives following said misadventures. We are very curious to see what chapter three will hold and certainly suggest all fans of real human stories to grab a copy of “Aim” today! (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)