“Cowboy Life” is the new album by Donnie Poindexter, singer / songwriter from Oklahoma, a State where the culture linked to the figure of the cowboy is still very present and important, ( The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is right in Oklahoma CIty). “Cowboy Life” reflects this culture through 12 tracks, (many of them written by Donnie himself), that talk about cowboys, buffalo trails and coyotes. Despite being a traditional album by definition, the arrangements and vocals are pleasantly modern, and this mix of old and new makes “Cowboy Life” a really interesting and important album, for those who love singin’ cowboys music. In addition to the original songs ( “Another Day”, “Cowboy Life” and “Makes Me Want To Dance”) Donnie also plays some fine covers such as “Rose Of San Joaquin” (T. Russell / I.Tyson), “Just Can’t See Him From The Road” (E. Bruce / B. Blanz / J. Bruce) and a splendid “Pancho and Lefty”. So, a special thank you to Donnie Poindexter, because through his music and his voice, he is able to transmit, even to those who live in a completely different world, all the emotions, the beauty and the sensations that characterize the life of a cowboy of the great prairies. P.S. the opening track, “Another Day” is definitely a song destined to become a classic. (Gianluca Sitta)