Donice Morace comes from Texas, from the Beaumont area to be precise, the city where you can literally breathe country music, seeing that it is also the birthplace of both Mark Chesnutt and Tracy Byrd. Donice is younger of course, but he has a way of interpreting country music just like his illustrious fellow countrymen, and for this reason we can safely call him a “new traditionalist”, even though twenty years have gone by. As every Texan who makes country music, this artist’s style pays a fitting tribute to the figure of King George, but I have the distinct impression that Donice found his true source of inspiration across the border in Oklahoma, in Yukon to be exact, a town in which Garth Brooks grew up in. In fact, the songs on this EP, starting with the opening track “Good Hurt Comin’ On” takes you back in time to when radios were constantly playing “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, or “Much Too Young”. Hearing new songs with the unmistakable style (both in terms of arrangements as well as voice modulation) that made Garth into a legend, brings back deep emotions. Also, Donice is really very good because, although inspired by the sound of Garth, he manages to stay fresh and original, and his music is really very convincing. Songs like “Wd-40 and Duct Tape” or “Wish You Were Beer” are just great. So if you love the a-la Garth Brooks sound, I recommend this EP by Donice Morace. If Garth isn’t really your hero, but you still love really good country music, I still recommend this EP.
P.S. Hey Donice, when can we expect a complete album? (Gianluca Sitta)