Thanks to today’s technology, sharing music with the world has never been easier, the backlash of that is that at times it is a harder job for the media to sieve out what may be considered mediocre from the true undiscovered treasures and Donavon most certainly falls in the latter category. A breath of fresh country music air permeates his debut from the first notes of “Lonely Road” all the way to the dieing tones of “What Kind Of Memory Am I”. Our hero gives avid country fans exactly what they want with a well balanced mix of upbeat numbers to heartfelt, blue eyed ballads like “Born To Love You” , this song in particular has found favour with both the media and the public at large. A rich vocal style, top notch songwriting and exquisite musicianship flow through this album from beginning to end, should you have yet to listen to it, you are certainly missing out on a true gem in the independent scene and we are sure that Donavon will continue to surprise us as time goes on.( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)