Don Derby - Don Derby - FrontWhen the biography of a country singer begins by saying that he was born in Tulsa Ok, grew up on a farm in Kansas, and currently plays in the honky tonk circuit in Oklahoma and Texas, it is very likely that the artist in question is destined to become one of Planetcountry’s favorites. In fact, Don Derby is a fantastic surprise, who I recommend to anyone who loves great country music, modern and traditional at the right point. The Cd is simply called “Don Derby” (14 songs, pure country) and begins with “Roll In The Hay”, complete with banjo as an intro, to then give way to a more rhythmic sound, very 90’s style. Very Garth Brooks style, sound wise as well as vocally, as heard in the song “Beer Pressure”. “When Life Gives You Lemons” is a song which borders between new country and western swing. Extremely Texas honky tonk, “The House That Bob Built” and “Cowgirl Run” is just fantastic.
4318927967_4c763742c6“Wishing On A Texaco Star” brings to memory the desolate and sunny highways of Texas, whilst “Down In Destin” is the classical uptempo song that makes you appreciate country music. More Western Swing with “Hurry Up Slow Down” and onwards towards the end of the Cd with “There You Are”, “Sagerbrush Lullaby” and “Sittin’’At The River”. “My music is the music of the everyday American. It’s honest, and honesty is something that people relate to.” says Don, but for those of us who love Garth Brooks and George Strait, Don Derby’s music is a really nice surprise. Real music, real life and real times (Gianluca Sitta)