Unknown Doc West grew up on a ranch near Flatonia in the prairies of Texas. “Saddlin’ Up” is his new album following “Pieces” from last year. Always fond of that music that is normally transmitted on the Texan radio stations, he would never have decided to become a professional singer had he not gone one evening to a Randy Rogers Band concert. He was so impressed that he immediately decided to buy a guitar and try his hand at writing songs in the style of Garth Brooks, George Strait, Merle Haggard and of course, Randy Rogers Band. The result was amazing. Doc West has indeed a huge compositional talent as well as a very good and very unique voice. “Saddlin’ Up” is proof of how this guy from College Station, a small township in the County of Brazos, between Austin and Houston, is in tune with the country music that you hear in Texas, strongly influenced by the Red Dirt. The CD, obviously self-produced, opens with”Dancehall Dream” and immediately you feel the magical atmosphere of the clubs of the Lone Star State. The same amazing sound stretches to all ten tracks of the CD reaching it’s climax with songs such as,“That Girl’s A Cowboy”, “If She Wanted To” and “Forever Did not Last Too Long”. (Gianluca Sitta)