Sonically swarming out from The Hornet’s Nest itself (Charlotte, North Carolina) , Diamonds and Whiskey come bearing their latest offering, “Heartbreak Queen”. From the first sassy lines spouted from vocalist Jennifer Webb in the title track and opener to this opus, the listener knows they are in for one heck of a ride. Every song, be it tongue in cheek numbers like the aforementioned Heartbreak Queen or the band’s award winning single “Hands Down” to more reflective melancholy pieces like “Wasted On Your Love” or “25 To Life” are masterfully structured and brilliantly executed. It is no wonder that so many eyes and ears are turned to this ensemble, as the mixture of southern rock, blues and country are a musical feast for the senses with not a note out of place or any part of the songs left to predictability or chance. A hook filled album which is bound to grab the attention of any Roots music aficionado and which certainly has us on tenderhooks wondering what the band will do next. Speaking of the musical mastery, both the band’s performance and Jennifer Webb’s vocals very much reflect the band’s name as the performances can be as soft and smooth as quality whiskey but cut like a diamond head when more grit and aggression are required. This Heartbreak Queen has certainly stolen our hearts and we are desperately waiting and pining for more. (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)