The state of Texas appears to be witnessing a second lease on life as country music talent continues to abound and grow within the lone star state, case in point Derek Anthony and his incredible album “Cowboy Way”. As soon as you hit play you know you are in for a good time as the opening riff to “Wanted Man” blares out the speakers, a guaranteed crowd pleaser at live shows just like “Pontiac Girl”, “Countryfied” and “Life Of Longnecks”, in short this offering of Derek’s seems to have been written for a live setting, with its unforgettable hooks, boot stomping rhythms and stadium music atmosphere. Aside from the heavier driven songs, Derek also includes a few slower numbers like “Give It To Me Strait” and “Cheat Me Right” , working that ever successful image of a bad boy with a heart of gold. Without a doubt this album proves to be perfect for a long drive where you just need something you can tap your hands on the steering wheel to or if you are planning on inviting your rowdy friends over for a night of drinking and partying, “Cowboy Way” is the album for you! (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)