David Graff has long cultivated his musical passions whilst maintaining a low profile, that has rarely shown his many artistic qualities; (a recording made years ago, in Los Angeles, produced by Greg Ladanyi ). A drummer, but also a talented writer, David Graff has finally managed to ‘take off’ (as the title of this album suggests), bringing out his musical passions: country music above all, but also blues, rock and folk, in a distinctly intriguing way. “Supposed To Fly” is an articulated and mixed album, recorded in Vancouver and Bowen Island, where Mr.Graff has chosen to live, with the production and the support of his daughter, Julia, and a series of talented musicians among whom, the excellent Steve Dawson on the pedal steel, David Barber on guitars, dobro and banjo and Julia Graff, a multi-instrumentalist of considerable calibre. The result is a great record, right from the first notes of the first song “Blue”.The arrangements are often surprising, associating instruments with taste and intelligence such as in “Watch Over The Ones I Love” where a hint of wind section intertwines with the beautiful sound of Steve Dawson’s pedal steel. “Suzanne” is like a breath of fresh air, “Supposed To Fly” plays with autobiographical emotions and a melody that is second to none, “Home” is a splendid ‘road song’. David Graff interprets, with great skill, these stories of the rural areas, that give the exact measure of quality that unfortunately, until now had remained unknown to most, as revealed in songs of the caliber of “I Love My Truck” with its country-rock sound, the ‘waltz time’, “Best Bar In Hell”, “Can’t Trust That Woman After Dark” which doesn’t lack irony and love for ‘honky tonk’, “Tough City” with the sounds of Dave Barber’s beautiful banjo and the final track “Vapor Trail”. Highly recommended. (Remo Ricaldone)