“There are various aspects and ways of understanding country music. There’s Texas, for example, which represents a sort of parallel universe. Here they have chosen, undivided, to promote local artists and all (radio, newspapers and operators in the sector) are working to achieve this goal. There is Nashville, a perfect money machine, which legitimately pursues an economic discourse, related to sales and chart positions, even if this inevitably involves the need to reach major compromises. And then there are those, like me, who are lucky enough to be able to make the music they like,  remaining faithful to their style, coherent with their artistic convictions.” This is what Darryl Worley stated during the press conference before his concert at the Voghera Country Festival , a festival that is a recurring event for those who love country music in Europe. Talking about the new single “Lonely Alone”, Darryl added: “It’s a song I’m very proud of, inspired by the music of The Eagles, one of my favourite bands. The song will be featured on his new Cd, scheduled for release in February 2019, which will include 15 songs, 8 old hits and 7 new songs. I would define my music today – continues the singer from Memphis  – as “Country 2000” because it remains closely linked to a very precise period, even if I don’t have preclusions towards the new, provided it is of value “. With these premises, it was only logical to expect a concert in the sign of tradition, and indeed it was. Darryl played all his great classics, ending the evening,(encores apart), with “Have You Forgotten?”, a song from 2003, which “created some problems” because of its extremely patriotic connotation. Supported by a stratospheric voice, Worley, an “unequivocal” professional that he is, held the stage in a perfect way and,  undoubtedly, won over the audience of Voghera, particularly hungry (as are most Europeans who love this genre) of good country music. A set-list of twenty songs. The opening song was “Sideways”, from the debut album “Hard Rain Don’t Last”, released in 2000, then “Good Day To Run” (still in 2000). An incredible set-list, a succession of great emotions and beautiful songs. “Miss My Friend”, the new single “Lonely Alone”, “Family Tree”, “Tennessee River Run”. And then “Second Wind”, “I Need A Breather”, “Tequila On Ice” moving onto “Have You Forgotten?” and “Sounds Like Life”, “Messed Up In Memphis” and “Nothin’ But A Love Thang”. Time still for the encores, and after an hour and a half, the magical night of country music unfortunately comes to an end. A great artist, but above all, a person coherent with his own convictions and his lifestyle. A lifestyle that inevitably also affects his musical choices. “I haven’t been living in Nashville for some time now, I returned back to the farm because I realized that I wasn’t cut out to be a “city boy”. (Gianluca Sitta)