Darlin’ Brando (real name Brandon Goldstein), drummer and leader of the psychedelic-folk group, Money & King has finally found the desire to record a country album, and has called it “Also Too”. Being born in Virginia, and having lived for a long time, first in Bloomington, Indiana, and then in Nashville, has certainly contributed to giving that country input necessary to make an album of this genre. In fact, “Also Too” is a good country music album, undeniably more traditional than modern, thanks also to the sound that some of the best Music City musicians, (Adam Kurtz on pedal steel; Storm Rhode IV and Brian Clements on guitars; Jeff Malinowski on bass and of course Brando himself on drums) have been able to put into the songs. Also worth mentioning is the excellent performance of Edith Freni as backing vocals in some songs. Eight songs, all original, and among them, my favourites;  When You Don’t Fight, Weeds & Flowers, Last Call (with A.J. Croce on piano) and Year One. These are the hard-hitting “honky-tonk” numbers on the album, made for a night out on the town or a breezy, windows-down drive in the country ”. Good Job Brandon.