Dariann is infatuating; all things to all people. She is effervescent yet reserved,accessible and unobtainable, red carpet glam and camo in a tree stand. Combiningbig city beauty with small town humility, Dariann may take on many appearances, butone thing is for sure – she is resilient and wholeheartedly herself, making her a rolemodel for the upcoming generation.From her one-stop town in Karlstad, MN (Population 713), Dariann captured the starpower of the original women of country music from lyrics bleeding through static-filled radios and scratched CDs; even in the middle of nowhere, those melodies setthe scene for a dream that would ultimately define the course of her entire life. Shedoesn’t just want to make music, she wants to write the soundtrack for hairbrushsingers, dashboard drummers and air guitar players everywhere. The new single Leave out 3/18