Following the incredible success of his previous single “Lonely”, there was great attention and speculation on what Bristol’s golden boy would be doing next. The result is “My Kinda City” which certainly does not disappoint. Danny McMahon fans, especially those who had fallen in love with his more recent upbeat hit single will be absolutely thrilled with this newest offering. Like his British countryman, who had compared his muse to a summer’s day, or more recently Brad Paisley who had gone the route of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa masterpiece, Danny gives us his take on the Shakespearen sonnet by using the analogy of a city to woo his paramour.From the moment this number begins you cannot help tapping your feet and bobbing your head to the beat as the song swells with our Albionic crooner’s easy going vocals. The latter is accompanied by a smooth musical production and masterful musicianship provided by Puzzlemaker studios which continues to astound with how in touch they are with what mama Nashville has been creating in her studios. In short the English cowboy has done it again and has certainly raised the bar for both himself and others within the United Kingdom country music scene, bravo Danny!( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)