From the beautiful state of Virginia, hails a guy whose knowledge of what makes a good country song comes as second nature to him, ladies and gentleman : Danny Kensy. With his latest offering “Tequila Is Gonna Kill Me Someday”, the man from Old Dominion offers six tracks which should be on anybody’s playlist. From the tongue in cheek “It’s Hard To Fix A Broken Heart” to slice of life vignettes like “Stand Up”, Danny knows exactly what strings to pluck. Whether you are looking for that remorseless drinking song (see the title track) or an ode to win that elusive paramour’s heart(Damn Girl) , Mr Kensy delivers and does so with great songwriting skill and panache. A special mention for “She Walked In”, one of the jewels of this EP where Danny’s voice guides the melody along like so much poured tequila into that awaiting shot glass. Sidle up to that old bar counter and grab a copy of this premium brew, musical inebriation is guaranteed!( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni )