On the heels of the highly successful “Tequila Is Gonna Kill Me Someday” , Virginia’s prolific singer/songwriter, Danny Kensy is at it again! “Djk3” picks up where its predecessor left off : hook filled riffs, tongue in cheek lyrics and an all round good time for the listener. Danny seems even more debonair, laidback and out for a good time in this particular outing which proves to be a perfect musical pick me up and winning solution for those in need of  that certain something to chase the blues away. Case in point “Redneckin’” and “Pocketful Of Money” have that carefree Kenny Chesney or early Blake Shelton spirit and will have you bobbing your heads and cracking quite a few smiles. There is also a fitting tribute to the Possum in “Country Without Jones” which even made yours truly dust off his own George Jones collection. In short it looks like Mr Kensy has yet another success on his hands and continues to go from strength to strength in his songwriting and execution,  we strongly invite you to pick this up while it’s still piping hot and fresh off the presses! (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)