Friends, lovers of traditional country music, seekers looking for a good time, lend us your ears! Just like the inseparable culinary combination , Cornbread & Ice Tea bring forth steaming bowls of good old school country and they do so with style and sophistication. The dynamic duo see us in with “One Drink Away” a number that should be played in any rowdy tavern or bar where liquor flows like the Mississippi river just like the title track and “I Like Being Me” , we strongly suggest the latter be played at high volume and preferably in a residential area, just to let your neighbours know how country you really are! Should you wish to power down, “Raised On Country Music” offers soothing relaxing tunes like “A Woman Saying Goodbye” , “On The Radio” and “Simple Times” , a modern yet traditionally soaked series of songs which will please the hardest of traditionalists in your midst. The boys have brought us a true gem and only fools would pass up the opportunity of ignoring such an obvious musical treasure trove. So pull up a stool, grab your favourite beverage and dig in to “Raised On Country Music”, your ears will thank you later for this satisfying musical feast! Bon Appetite!(Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)