LegendsCoby Carter, singer / songwriter and fiddler in his early twenties, is from Lubbock TX, a place whose name has an almost mythological connotation in the collective imagination of those who love the music of Texas. He has been living for some time in New Mexico, another place that, with its enchanting countryside, herds of cattle and Route 66, embodies the idea of the free and Wild West, that so fascinates us Europeans. So, with this in mind, it was only logical that this guy’s music be country, traditional and genuine. “Legends”, produced by Bobby Flores (one of the Texana music myths), meanders through 10 timeless songs, including (to name a few) “Somewhere in Texas” (Ray Price), “Lonesome Town” ( a 60’s Ricky Nelson song), “Back in the Swing of Things”, “Dance Time in Texas” (great song by George Strait) or “West Texas Town” ( by Jody Nix), is an album that could be defined as a compilation of everything a country music Cd should be: great voice, right issues, beautiful songs and rich arrangements, full of steel guitar and fiddle. The songs are all renowned and acclaimed, this is true, but the personal touch that Coby gives them, makes them seem new. I would like to end with “True Love Ways”, a Buddy Holly song, which for Coby, is kind of a tribute to New Mexico. In fact, Buddy Holly recorded this song in Clovis, NM, at the Norman Petty Studios, which are located just 20 miles from where Coby grew up. Having recorded a country version of this song, complete with a fiddle and steel guitar, surely gave this artist great satisfaction. I therefore recommend “Legends” to all my readers. I recommend it to those who really enjoy country music and furthermore to those who, like me, have been mesmerized by the charm of the Lone Star State. “I was not born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could !!!” (Gianluca Sitta)