She moved to Australia from Italy at the age of four, Clelia helped create what is now known the world over as “The Australian Country Music Scene.” True pioneer of country music, she is part of that musical genre that sees Jude Stone, Anne Kirkpatrick and Tania Kernaghan as some of the most emblematic artists. Clelia’s music stems from the Anglo-Saxon folk music but also from the culture of her home country, Italy, as heard in her song “La Paloma”, traditional song that brings this “River Valley Dreaming” to an end which Clelia sings in Italian. Sixth studio album, this RVD has 14 songs ranging from boogie to yodel through to r’n’r and honky tonk. There are, in addition to the previously mentioned “La Paloma”, more profound references to Italy, a country which Clelia obviously loves very much. Just think of “Italian Cowgirl” ( “I don’t need to sing opera, don’t fancy life in Rome Florence or Venice, or a Riviera home, Milan still has my number, it’s all about those shoes, this land is in my blood, I don’t have to choose, stories of the wild outback always fascinated me, the billabongs will have to wait, there’s lasagna for tea, if bush tuckers all they got, sorry Slim, I must decline, mum’s bolognaise in the pot, so thanks, but I’ll be fine”), third track of the Cd, where the artist is divided between the past, represented by our country,( Italy), and the present, life in the outback. Author of almost all of the 14 songs of this Cd, Clelia also does some covers. A great version of Hank Williams’ “Baby We’re Really In Love”. Rounded off with a second Cd, entitled “The Archives”, which contains some of Clelia’s favourite songs since 1985. I personally think “River Valley Dreaming” is a fun album, sung perfectly by a wonderful voice that fully enhances the arrangements, very traditional and very country. I would also like to point out the extensive use of the steel guitar in almost all the songs, and, as we know, only the steel guitar is able to capture the true soul of country music. An artist of great sensibility and values, Clelia has confirmed herself with this “River Valley Dreaming” as one of the great personalities of the country music scene “Down Under”. Great job Italian Cowgirl.(Gianluca Sitta)