Listing the thousand musical adventures of Chris Hillman would be like explaining the evolution of the California music scene, from the early 60’s through to the present day. So great is the figure of this musician from the rural area of ​​the County of San Diego in setting, with his great sensitivity and love, the evolution of a style, from as far back as bluegrass through to the rocking sounds, brought to us by electrical instruments. The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, not forgetting Manassas and The Desert Rose Band indicate just how much Chris has influenced these sounds with his great humanity and talent. And, just to confirm all this, after more than half a century of great music, “Bidin ‘My Time” is a record that sums up all the feelings and passions that have guided Mr. Hillman throughout these years. The production, entrusted to the late Tom Petty, who with his undisputed talent, did a great job with the arrangements, along with the collaboration of some of his historical partners such as John Jorgenson, David Crosby and Herb Pedersen, a fresh sounding revival of some of his older pieces, are a few very good reasons why to appreciate this record, from which transpires heart and soul in every note. With a hint of nostalgia but also with the awareness of how beautiful these melodies still are, we can enjoy songs like “Bells Of Rhymney”, “She Don’t Care About Time”, “New Old John Robertson”, pages from his wonderful adventure with The Byrds, but also the innovative collaboration with the songwriter Steve Hill, (the title-track, “Restless”, “Different Rivers” amongst others), the wonderful cover “Walk Right Back” by Sonny Curtis from the Everly Brothers’ repertoire and, a worthy closing track of the album, “Wildflower” that resonates like a touching epitaph to Tom Petty. “Bidin ‘My Time” is therefore a unique opportunity to meet a dear old friend, a longtime listening companion, who has not lost a gramme of his enormous artistic talents. (Remo Ricaldone)