After having conquered charts and wowed listeners with her debut single “Whiplash”, Birmingham’s blonde country chanteuse delights her fans with “Blown Away”.  That is definitely the feeling we got when going through the 4 tracks that make up Charlotte’s first full foray. Aside from the aforementioned “Whiplash” which becomes more and more addictive and seeps under your skin with every listen, the other 3 tracks give us an even clearer picture of what Miss Young’s music is all about. Sporting strong melodies and drenched in soul, we get some excellent mid tempos in the title track and “Passenger Side” where Charlotte’s voice and the polished instrumental production very much justify the attention and love that our girl is getting. For all you ballad lovers, Charlotte also takes time to get a little sentimental in “Half A Bottle” , whose lyrics and melancholic tones will melt any music lover’s heart. In short, the themes are super relatable, the music is incredibly catchy and we cannot wait to see what one of Britain’s nascent country music stars will cook up next! A must buy for anybody wanting to discover young blood and incredible talent. (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)