There have been many songs and stories about the moon  in multiple genres. Earth’s perpetual and natural satellite has found especially found a home in country music, usually in shades of neon or blue. The latter is of course the case when it comes to Cathy Jewell’s latest offering and just like her lunar muse, this album shines brightly in the musical firmament. Flirting with the more classic side of traditional country from honky tonk style songs like “The Maybe Kind” and “Redneck Daddy”, to piano driven ballads very reminiscent of the Anne Murray or Ronnie Milsap era as is the case of  “Graceanne’s Song”, In short throughout the course of these 12 tracks, Cathy very much runs the gammit of what traditionalists consider the real McCoy when it comes to this genre and she does so with reverence, class and grace. If you are looking for that lamented bygone era when country wasn’t cool and the music itself screamed hard wood floors and smoky bars, then you may want to pull over by Cathy Jewell’s place and give this great album a spin, we guarantee that unlike the moon in the title you certainly won’t be blue. ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)