11568This is a classic, which must be in every good record collection. Published in the early 90’s by A & M Records, “Live! Live! Live!” is the first live album of the Canadian singer, recorded on July 3rd 1988 in Werchter in Belgium, during his concert at the Werchter Rock Festival. 65 minutes of great classic rock, under the pouring rain (“rained in torrents” as quoted by Adams himself) and in front of an enthusiastic crowd of about 50,000 fans. There are sixteen tracks, plus one (the final “Into The Fire”), recorded in Tokyo the same year. Bryan Adams performs all of his greatest hits, from “It’s Only Love” to “Kids Wanna Rock”, from “Heaven” to “Run To You” not forgetting the obvious “Summer Of ’69” and “Somebody”. There is also room for two covers: “Walking After Midnight” ( written by Alan Block and Donn Hecht; there are many versions of this song, including Garth Brooks’ version in the album “The Chase” of 1992). and for “I Fought The Law” which bears the signature Sonny Curtis, recorded by the Crickets in 1959 and later immortalized by The Clash. Returning to Bryan Adams and this “Live Live Live”, I would like to add that the Cd sold over a million copies in Japan, where he was awarded a Gold Album Award in 1991, whilst sales in the rest of the world stood at about 300,000. I would like to conclude with the now famous phrase that Bryan Adams spoke to the drenched crowd at the end of the second song (It’s Only Love), “I’ve got to tell you something. For you people to sit out in the rain, means you’re one hell of an audience. I mean, to sit out in this … .. (Gianluca Sitta )