The recording debut of this Canadian artist dates back to 1993 with the splendid “Waitin’ for the Sun” which, driven by the single of the same name, achieved quite some success. Since then Brent has released 5 other albums, last one being “Smooth Sailin’ ” in 2009. Then, no new releases until September of this year, when our singer / songwriter returns with this “A Simpler Life”. Relaxed, on his deck chair looking out towards a wonderful sea, Brent offers us this country / soft music sound, which on the one hand refers to the sound of the new tradionalists and on the other, winks an eye at the great American/Canadian songwriters. The sound is relaxing, and the songs (13) are fresh and catchy. “A Simpler Life”, “Dirty Dusty Baja Town” and “That’s Just Crazy” are my favourites. (Gianluca Sitta)


  1. It Ain’t Always Paradise in Paradise
  2. A Simpler Life
  3. A 1000 Words
  4. Excuses
  5. I Live for Tuesdays
  6. A Million Fans
  7. You Don’t Know Dick
  8. A Part of My Heart
  9. Dirty Dusty Baja Town
  10. That’s Just Crazy
  11. Am I Gettin’ Old
  12. Runnin’ on Fumes
  13. Make It a Plan to Visit Mazatlan