Australia is the land of country music and has a musical history, that has nothing to envy to the American or Canadian one. In Australia, the rural culture is still strongly territorial, and country music, which is son and soul of this culture, remains one of the most followed and popular genres, even though times have changed, and the sounds and arrangements are becoming ever more modern. Benn Gunn, with his music, sums up perfectly this meeting point between tradition and innovation, between the small country music listening towns and modern pop / rock sound of the big cities. A childhood “on the road”, trying to learn the pieces of Garth Brooks and John Fogerty, this musician, in 2012, published his first album entitled “Keep On Drivin’ ” which received good reviews from local critics thanks to songs like “Laughters and Beers” and “Every Minute I Wait”, but especially thanks to “I Like Girls That Drink Beer”, which reached the Top Ten in the Australian country Charts. In 2015, preceded by the single “Girls Like Guys With Trucks” which reached the N°1 position of the special country charts, “Ain’t Nothin’ But A Party” is released under the supervision of cover the American, Jason Patrick Mathews, and producer, Bart Busch. It is a very Nashville sounding Cd, with perfect arrangements and 11 really catchy tracks. The themes, so dear to traditional country music, are all there. From the large open plains of the Australian bush, crossed by powerful multi trailer pulling trucks, to the numerous wild parties, flowing with rivers of beer. Obviously, there are also love songs, and songs that sound in some ways, autobiographical. As mentioned earlier, the arrangements are perfect, the songs, catchy and well-constructed, and Benn’s voice is ideal for these types of songs. Also, the image of the outback cowboy, portrayed by Benn Gunn, adds a good measure of credibility to the lyrics. Personally, I have to say that I really liked “Ain’t Nothin But A Party” and I recommend it to all those who love good country music, played with passion. “Looking back, I am amazed where life has taken me. From open mics, pubs & clubs, to festivals. Each and every one has helped define my music and my passion “. (Gianluca Sitta)