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In the nearby vicinity of Page in Arizona, you will find some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery throughout the entire U.S. True wonders of nature, these places, for their shocking beauty, seem to come straight out of a postcard, making it hard to believe that they truly exist. As well as Antelope Canyon, (which I will discuss in depth in future articles), we can find on the U.S. Route 89, Horseshoe Bend, an incredible place where the Colorado River, over millions of years, has carved a meander shaped like a horseshoe. Located a few kilometres downstream of the dam at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Lake Powell, this marvel of nature is easily reached on foot after leaving your vehicle in the appropriate parking lot. Over 100 meters deep, with steep slopes that overlook an emerald coloured river, Horseshoe Bend is a place to visit especially at dawn, when the warm Arizona sun, peeking out from behind these natural cathedrals, rendering the rock a vibrant golden colour, lights up this breathtaking scenery.
Big-Bend-98Although it is an easy 10 minute walk to get to, all on an even path in the middle of the desert, if you want to visit Horseshoe Bend during the Summer, it is good idea to have a supply of water because the heat is intense and the area maintains, fortunately enough, all its wild and uncontaminated charm, and because obviously there are no bars or restaurants. (Gianluca Sitta)