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Sunset on a Saturday in early Spring in Colorado. The queues in front of the World Arena in Colorado Springs are getting longer, tidy and made up of people of all ages and looks. The mobile units of local country music stations play out music, and as the temperature decreases the excitement rises. Right on time, at 19:00 begins the opening concert of Aaron Watson. Some nice songs, stories, personal anecdotes, and a veiled criticism aimed at his young colleagues, who, he says, should write songs driven from their hearts rather than from the girls. Aaron Watson’s concert finishes, a 20 minute pause, and then the lights dim. The countdown starts and once over, the black silhouette of Alan Jackson appears behind a big white sheet. The curtain falls and the notes to “Good Times” enveloped the screams of the frenzied crowd. Alan’s voice is perfect, powerful and hot, impressing the audience in Colorado Springs. The atmosphere is that of a typical country concert: the power to relax. You are in a large arena but you have the feeling of being part of a show held for just a few close friends. The setlist focuses on the most famous songs, from the first, to the most recent successes and spectacular “As She’s Walking Away,” brought to success together with “Zac Brown”. During this exhibition he thanks and expresses his appreciation for the eclectic and righteous singer/songwriter from Georgia. Among the most touching moments of this “Country Boy”, the unforgettable performance of “Remember When”, where his voice reaches an intensity that goes far beyond the version on the CD, and finally an unforgettable “Drive” with an introduction that reaches directly the heart.
a_2014-03-29 at 20-39-48Another unforgettable moment was when he remembered Sept.11th with “Where were you (When The World Stopped Turning)”. The World Arena becomes dark, only two beams of light from above illuminate a small part of the stage. Alan is sitting alone with his guitar and “Where were you” begins, thoughts of everybody there go back to that day on September 2001. During the show there are plenty more lively songs like “Chattahoochee,” “Summertime Blues,” “It’s Five o’Clock Somewhere”. You can feel the electric atmosphere now from right beneath the stage to the rear of the arena. With “Where I Come From”, Alan enjoys showing suggestive images of Denver and Colorado. Applauses could be heard everywhere, and just when they were at their climax, a helmet of the Broncos appears on the screen. Of course, soon after, a fan of the Dallas Cowboys as he is, Alan mocks the fans, by displaying the giant photo of the Seahawks (the team which just a few months ago heavily defeated the local team at the Superbowl).
a_2014-03-29 at 20-49-30A few “boos” here and there, obviously, from some of the public, but this came to an end as soon as on the big screen appeared the Stars and Stripes. A flag that represents all, and to which all feel a part of. To attend an Alan Jackson concert, is an experience of pure amazing country. No special effects, no extreme scenery. Alan Jackson has filled the World Arena, he handed out plectrums to the public, signed autographs even on hats and boots. Once again, Alan Jackson has shown us that in his jukebox, rock music does not fit in: he continues playing country music. Genuine, real and high quality. Thank you Alan (Fulvia Foresti and Stefano Castellari)