IMG_2920The Country To Country (C2C) is the largest and greatest event dedicated to country music outside of the United States, Canada or Australia. The C2C is Bob Harris, organizer and father of the event who lights up with joy whenever he presents on stage. The C2C is the dozens of so-called “minor” artists that, during each day of the event, play (from early morning ’til late night) in the satellite clubs of O2 arena The C2C is the breathtaking body of Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town which is slightly visible under her little black dress. The C2C is Marie, whom I thank for the wonderful reception she has given us all these years. The C2C is the thousands of young fans who know all the words to the songs and sing their hearts out throughout the concert. The C2C is the perfect punctuality of the organizers, who insist, that if a singer is to start at 17:45, you can be sure that they will start at 17:45. The C2C is Brad Paisley who borrows a phone from a girl in the front row and takes selfies on stage. The C2C is a breath of fresh air for those who live in a country (Italy) where country singers are not named, songs have no titles, but there are only names (mispronounced) of line dances. The C2C is Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, who takes off her shoes whilst singing because obviously they bother her, or Kacey Musgraves who greets the audience in London singing a country version of “With A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins. The C2C is an excuse to visit London, but only ’til 12:30pm because after that, it is country music and only that. The C2C is being in the press room with journalists from all over Europe talking and writing about country music. The C2C is Kip Moore receiving a bouquet of flowers from a girl and declaring that generally he is used to giving flowers to a woman and not receiving. The C2C is the very high volume in the O2 Arena, which sometimes forces you to cover up your ears. The C2C is Nashville in England. The C2C is Fulvia who organizes everything perfectly and Stefano who takes great pictures. The C2C is the Jubilee Line and the bus stop in North Greenwich. The C2C is live on BBC. The C2C is the expensive and really awful merchandising (I think the T-shirt with the Coldstream Guards holding the acoustic guitar is the ugliest in the history of Official T-shirts). The C2C is the tendency which American musicians have to change the arrangements from country to rock to satisfy the London crowd. The C2C is The Florida Georgia Line who tear off their tank-tops and throw them to the public, Jason Aldean that transforms the stage into a frenzy of fire and flames or Zac Brown playing in a fluorescent skeleton suit. The C2C is friends saying goodbye on the last evening saying the same phrase every year: “Let’s hope that Kenny Chesney will be here next year”. The C2C is Chris Stapleton’s too casual look that contrasts with that of the female superstars, who come to the press conference with their hair and makeup crew. The C2C is many other things, but above all, it is great music, not always exactly country, but great music.(Gianluca Sitta)