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Another CD with that “old” sound to it that unfortunately, is no longer heard in the recording studios of Music Row. Eric Huff is from Ohio, and has already acquired that experience one gets by playing on the numerous stages of many clubs in Nashville and in various places of the Deep South. His country style is very classic. The extensive use of steel and fiddle, combined with his musical philosophy is enclosed all in the title of the last track of this CD, where Eric rhetorically asks “Has Music City U.S.A (Nashville ed) Lost Its Sound?”. Obviously, the issues touched by the 11 songs on the CD, (all written by Eric Huff in collaboration with other authors) are the ones dear to the tradition of American “Country”: parents, girls picked up on evenings on the town after a hard days work in the fields, dream cars and the desire to express their feelings in songs. In conclusion, the typical CD that you would expect from an American Boy who grew up in the Midwest listening to the music of Randy Travis and George Strait. Definitely worth listening to.(Gianluca Sitta)