angelsandalcohol_finalThe superstar of country music, Alan Jackson has just recently released “Angels and Alcohol”, following a three year long recording silence. “Angels and Alcohol” is the 20th studio album of the singer from the small rural town of Newnan in Georgia, and celebrates a 25 year long career which started back in 1990 with the album “Here In The Real World” (although there is a semi official Cd entitled “New Traditional” released in 1987). An incredible career, bursting with a long series of successes and satisfaction that result in more than 60 million albums sold (this puts Jackson in the top ten best selling vocalists of all time), 57 songs in the Billboard top thirty, (including 35 numbers ones) and over 150 various awards. A monument to music who, after so many years, still has the enthusiasm and motivation to lock himself away in a recording studio and impress the audience with yet another fantastic album. Produced by the usual Keith Stegall, (producer of 23 of the 24 albums by Jackson), “Angels and Alcohol” has 10 songs, including seven, written by Jackson himself, who confirms to be a songwriter of high level, as well as being an outstanding singer. Ten songs, decisively country, among which, the opening track “You Can Always Come Home”, the sweet “Angels and Alcohol”, the up-tempo “You Never Know”, the delectable “Jim And Jack And Hank” and conclusively, “Mexico, Tequila and Me”, classical Alan Jackson style, full of rhythm and humour. Currently touring the States with the 25th Anniversary, “Keepin’ It Country Tour”, Alan Jackson no longer has to prove anything, he is one of the all time greatest country singers, and can afford the luxury of playing just for the fun of it. It’s probably this artistic tranquility that allows him to publish such perfect albums like this “Angels and Alcohol”.(Gianluca Sitta)