L’otto maggio uscirà I Called Mama, il nuovo singolo di Tim McGraw. Scritto da Lance Miller, Marv Green e Jimmy Yeary I Called Mama parla dello speciale rapporto che c’è tra genitori e figli soprattutto in tempi oscuri come questi. “On the one hand, this song is literally, ‘Hey, call your mom,’” spiega Tim “On the other hand, you look at a time like this, there are real hardships for everyone, and it’s a great reminder that hearing someone’s voice who knows you and loves you can help you get through anything. I think it’s at these very difficult times that music can help and the power of a song can give someone a moment of clarity or comfort, or just a smile. Especially now, when we seem to need it more than ever.” Il video uscirà più avanti, molto probabilmente verso la metà di maggio.