Hereford, Texas native Randall King brings his Billboard-praised “sturdy baritone” to the forefront alongside a healthy dose of hubris and equal parts vulnerability on latest double-shot delivery: ‘The One You’re Waiting On’ and ‘Hard To Be Humble’.

The son of a working man, King was raised on the influences of country music greats Alan Jackson, George Strait, Keith Whitley and more; his neo-traditional style a byproduct of living life the way he often heard reflected in their lyrics. It was this same authenticity that rang out when King first heard ‘The One You’re Waiting On’ and was instantly drawn to the longing, reflective track.

“The first time I heard this song, I had it playing in my truck and was just blown away, pretty sure I missed a turn,” King laughs. “The song is just incredible. I have sung along to it so many times runnin’ down the highway. I have always loved it and you can hear my passion for this song reflected in my vocals. I’m beyond excited to have this one out there.”