Testo In Italiano

Paul particularly loves ltaly. In fact, he never misses an opportunity to return to our country and to honour us with his presence and with his music, of the highest level. Back again following the magnificent series of acoustic concerts held here a couple of months ago, he actually improved himself during the concert in Pordenone in Italy, returning this time with the whole band. In fact, the chance of playing with all the instruments has certainly benefited the quality of the concert, especially in songs like “Started in the kitchen”, “Old school country song” or “Mysterious thing”. Already in the morning, however, good music was appreciated thanks to a radio broadcast on Radio Wideline ( under podcast) with an exclusive interview with Paul Bogart, broadcasting his songs and offering a live performance. Placed on the small stage in Hall 3, whilst simultaneously on the main stage in Hall 5, were the DJ’s putting on music for the dances, Paul Bogart immediately enchanted fans from all over Italy from the first notes, establishing a special feeling with the public. You couldn’t hold the crowd down: there were those who danced, who jumped, who sang out loudly. At the end of each song, a roar, an avalanche of applauses emphasising the joy of being there. The excitement was electrifying, both in the eyes of Paul and those of the fans. Veering off from the scheduled songs, he went onto playing classics such as the rhythmic “Louisiana Saturday night”, typical cajun that overwhelms everybody, then “Amarillo by morning” a cover from George Strait’s second CD. This second song in particular touched everyone, because the crowd could feel that Paul played it with all his heart, turning it into a tribute to his audience. Then came all the songs from Paul’s three albums, and with every song (all beautiful) a standing ovation. The concert never seemed as though it wanted to finish, Paul tried three times to say goodbye and leave the stage, but the screams of “one more” from the crowd brought him and the band back together for not one, nor two, but three more songs. In one of these encores Bogart utters the 2 magic words: Johnny Cash, which in “country code” means Go crazy even more! Then,”Ring of Fire” begins, to everyone’s delight. At the end, it is Bogart himself saying “One more,” continuing to play, even giving away T-shirts to the public. The concert started at 21.30 and lasted for 2 and a half hours. Paul Bogart as usual does not just stop after the show, but dedicates himself to photo’s with his fans and to signing autographs staying in Hall 3 for another hour. Personally it is one of the best concerts I have had the chance to attend. (Filippo Marco)