Dariann Leigh rediscovers her purpose through small town dreaming in her brand new single, “Jackson”. Showcasing the real span of her songwriting ability through symbolism and country storytelling, the Karlstad, MN (population 713) native divulges real stories from her childhood, including times of just trying to figure our life and chasing her dreams.  “After moving to Nashville, I noticed people were always so intrigued with how I grew up, being from a place so small and with no stoplights,” says Dariann“I loved growing up in a small town. And one day, I was just missing home, so I wrote this song, remembering the days I was dreaming of moving to the big city to pursue my dreams.”  Dariann Leigh is not afraid to let people in, reflecting on simpler yet uncertain times. “Jackson” reads like a compilation of diary entries, full of childhood memories, reasoning and internal debating.  Through “Jackson,” Dariann contemplates the meaning of life and her purpose, while also remembering her dream and finding the motivation to keep taking those shots and move forward.
“‘One more shot of Jackson’ to me has so many meanings. It could be that second sip from that glass, or one more shot at a chance to chase your dreams,” exposes LeighJackson isn’t a place for me, it’s a state of mind. The dreams that make you push for more, and the strength to know how to get there.“Jackson” is available now on all streaming platforms. “Dariann always shows her heart in her releases, more so in ‘Jackson’ than any other song. It is really admirable,” says Dawn DeJongh, owner of Burning Ground Entertainment. For more on Dariann Leigh, visit www.dariannleigh.com and follow @dariannleigh on social media.