Olivia Lane has released her brand new single ‘Nothing Changes’, along with an official music video for the song featuring clips submitted by fans – out today (17/7).“I really, truly feel like I’m a totally different person,” says Olivia Lane — the vocalist known as much for her beaming smile and disarming charm as she is for her pristine, soulful performances that wow listeners to emotional extremes ranging from unapologetic joy to unrelenting heartbreak, and deep introspection to vulnerable resilience. Lane moved from Houston to Nashville in 2013 to find her voice; and for this hard-working, entrepreneurially spirited artist, it was both a metaphorical and literal journey.  After years of writing, recording and performing, Lane’s path took a dark turn in 2017 when the anxiety and stress she’d put herself through had taken its toll. “I literally lost my voice. I knew music was my calling, but somehow I’d lost myself. I had to remember who I was,” she says. “What I’ve learned is it takes some dark moments to find the light again. Now I feel centered in every way, and you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing.”