Golden Guitar and CMC Award Winner – Christie Lamb – releases her brand new single “Three Chords And A Woman’s Truth”, on Friday 8th July 2022.Co-written in Nashville by Christie with Jonathan English and Victoria Banks, the idea behind the song came from a brainstorming session on the plane trip over to the US. “I was thinking about my truth and all of my influences over the years. I wanted this song to combine my life story with all queens of country that I grew up listening to like Dolly, Tammy and Loretta. My teenage years were influenced by Shania, Carrie and Gretchen, along with some of my favourite Aussie ladies including Kasey, Beccy, Gina and Tania” says, Christie. “This song has many artists and song titles woven into my personal story. I wanted to celebrate all these strong female country singers in this song and let them know how they have influenced me in my life and music too”.