Lynchburg’s first 2 albums How Country Do You Want It? and I Love This Rodeo have produced a string of Top Ten singles. Allan Caswell and Lindsay Waddington are excited to have new music out. Their 3rd album is nearing completion and their new single Pretty Queen Of Hearts is ready to go.

Cas and Waddo are proving to be a prolific songwriting team, writing for Lynchburg, each other and a number of other top artists. Even given that, Pretty Queen Of Hearts is a special song.

“As often happens, I walked into the studio and Waddo already had the tune happening … it had a killer feel and I couldn’t wait to work on it … Waddo often says “I have this great new instrumental to play you” … I usually say, “No you haven’t” and write a lyric to it.

With Pretty Queen Of Hearts, I thought I’d let it take me somewhere new”

As a team, Lynchburg love to explore all the facets and styles of classic country music.

“I’ve always loved those great “talking” songs from the ‘60s like Jimmy Dean’s “Big Bad John” or Lorne Greene’s “Ringo” … we wanted to do the Lynchburg take on it … I have no idea why, but the tune started me using poker imagery and the song grew from there.”