Midland, una delle bands  più brillanti e originali fra quelle nate negli ultimi anni,  si sono esibiti, nel 2019, al leggendario Palomino di Hollywood e hanno registrato l’evento per un nuovo disco , uscito su su Big Machine Records il 28 febbraio. Si tratta ovviamente di un live che include 10 brani tratti dal repertorio della band Texana. “Places like this are disappearing,” ha recentemente dichiarato il singer Mark Wystrach . “So you want to remember, to grab the moments while you still can. You think about who’s been on that stage and you can’t help but feel connected to so much greatness. We live for hardcore honky-tonks, and to be able to hold onto that night and bring a little slice of it through this album to our fans is special for us.”


1. Playboys
2. Let It Roll
3. Burn Out
4. 21st Century Honky Tonk American Band
5. Cheatin’ Songs
6. Mr. Lonely
7. I Love You, Goodbye
8. Fast Hearts And Slow Towns
9. Cheatin’ By The Rules
10. Drinkin’ Problem