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If anyone thought that the old lion had nothing more to add to a legendary career, should definitely think again. Kenny Rogers, at the age of 75 (he was in fact born in Houston TX in 1938) returns with an amazing album, fresh and appealing, starting with the opening track “You Can’t Make Old Friends”, obviously sung with his friend Dolly Parton. “I can honestly say this may be the best album I’ve ever recorded,” Kenny announced during a recent interview, and indeed this new CD is a candidate to be a milestone in Rogers’ discography. The fact that Kenny has found a second youth was already seen this Summer in Nashville during the annual CMA Fest. Great shape, great voice, and above all, a great desire to continuously offer new emotions. This can obviously can be reflected in “You Can’t Make Old Friends” which maintains a fairly high level of quality for all 11 tracks. I’ve never been a big fan of Kenny Rogers, but I have to admit that this CD has made me change my mind, thanks to songs like “All You Need Is One”, “Dreams Of The San Joaquin” or “You Had To Be There”. We must finally give an emphasis to the fun duet with Buckweat Zydeco entitled “Do not Leave Me In The Night Time” which reflects the colours and flavours of Bourbon Street.

Exclusive video coverage on planetcountry, showing the duet between Kenny Rogers and Zac Brown at the CMA Fest in Nashville.