Granger Smith has announced the September 25th release for part one of Smith’s two-part studio album; Country Things, Vol. 1, featuring the title track and UK/European lead single ‘Country Things’.  The eight-song release gives a glimpse of he and his family’s current country state-of-mind, including a guest appearance from his good pal Earl Dibbles Jr. The first volume of the album is available for pre-order now with three instant grat tracks out now, ‘Country Things’, ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads,’ and ‘Hate You Like I Love You.’ This new batch of music from the born-and-bred Texan initially started back in early 2019. Granger was writing and creating and prepping for his 10th studio album when the unexpected passing of his son River struck and all of those plans abruptly came to a halt. In the months that followed, mourning River changed the way Smith heard the music, and songs like ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads’ had taken on new meaning.

“My life is just…different now. Or maybe a better way to put it is, I see life differently now,” says Smith. “This collection focuses on the things that money and politics and status can’t buy. The things that you can center on and I want to live my life for. The things you want to raise your kids with and find joy in. The country things.”

Smith decided to let his music do the healing. Not just for himself, but for anyone who needs to hear songs that let them know they’re not alone on whatever road they’re taking.  With that new way of looking at life, Smith went back to work on the album he had been planning.