Yes indeed folks, after a period of great anticipation , Canada’s favorite bad boys are back and they are doing so in style with a  Doctor Who like regeneration of their own, the re-recorded, revamped and revitalized compendium of some of their greatest songs. Re-Boot is very much the album any fan of Southern rock or blues worth the salt should have in either their physical or digital library. Groovy guitar riffs, rhythmic and bass lines that run like clockwork and all topped with the cutting edge vocals of recent addition, Michael Owens. From the opener “Those Were The Days” to the turn it up to 11 closer “Cruisin” , this album will have you bopping, shaking, sweating and begging for more. The boys are back bigger, badder and better than before and we could’t be happier. If what ails you is a cold hard case of new jams and something that will really get you going, Dr Friday is in and ready to rock! ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)