NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (October 2, 2020) – Warner Music Nashville/Atlantic Records recording artist Devin Dawson has just announced the January 15th 2021 release date for his upcoming The Pink Slip EP . To celebrate the news, the acclaimed singer/songwriter also shared brand-new track “Range Rover” today ( from the six-song project. Named for the representation of optimistic freedom showcased in lead track “I Got a Truck,” The The Pink Slip EP finds Dawson building on the edgy confidence he pioneered with Dark Horse; however, where that set found him prowling the shadows of his own stormy soul, The Pink Slip punches through the clouds. “I will always be a dark horse, but I have come a long way from the person I was, and I understand more of what it means to be an artist,” Dawson says. “There are definitely vibes on this EP that I wouldn’t peg for myself, but I like the unexpected nature of doing things that people don’t see coming. I try to reinvent the wheel every single day because I don’t think you ever really arrive, and you can never put your feet up. I want to be honest and vulnerable and take the next step, because I always want to be creating music that’s fresh and different from anything I’ve released before. I’m still in black and white, but the background is a little brighter.”