“The title All In epitomizes this album,” Janson shared previously. “There are all kind of songs on this project, but they all flow together because they are genuine to me. I went all in on every part of the process, from writing to singing to playing to producing. I feel like it’s my best, most true-to-myself album to date.” He adds, “I hope the fans enjoy listening to this album as much as I did creating it. I love all 16 tracks, and I’m especially honored to have collaborated with my friends Eric Church and Travis Tritt!”


1. Keys To The Country (2:55)
2. We Did It Anyway (2:43)
3. Cold Beer Truth (2:55)
4. You, Me & The River (with Eric Church) (3:56)
5. Halfway To Crazy (feat. Rhett Akins) (3:12)
6. Bye Mom (4:00)
7. Love Don’t Sleep (3:16)
8. The Reel Bass Pro (3:33)
9. Too Far Gone (3:11)
10. Flag On The Wall (3:20)
11. All In (3:00)
12. Here and Gone (3:13)
13. Things You Can’t Live Without (with Travis Tritt) (3:25)
14. Small Town Big Time (3:26)
15. You Never Did (3:31)
16. My American World (3:50)